Hand Calligraphy vs. Digital Calligraphy

Probably one of the most epic battles in wedding history is choosing how you would like your wedding invitation envelopes addressed. So, which should you choose, Hand Calligraphy or Digital Calligraphy?





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Hand Calligraphy is, of course, written by hand. No matter which style of lettering the calligrapher uses, no two envelopes will be exactly the same. Different calligraphers have different styles, from modern to flourished and ornate. It gives a unique look and can have a more personal feel. You can also get a little more creative with the look of your envelope because you do not have the restrictions of software, fonts and printer margins. You also have the option of using a dark colored envelope as the calligrapher can write with a lighter color ink that is opaque. Digital printers do not have white ink, so all of the ink is ultimately transparent, therefore the ink always has to be darker than the envelope. Hand calligraphy will always be more expensive. It takes time (up to 2 weeks!) and skill, and is a true art form. If you have your heart set on hand calligraphy make sure to work it into your budget and also your timeline. Hand Calligraphers often have to be reserved in advance, so they can ensure they have the time in their schedule. If you are in a rush to get your invitations out, digital calligraphy is the better route.







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Digital Calligraphy is when the guests name and address is printed onto the envelope by an inkjet or laser printer. You then have the option to match the fonts and ink colors (or as close as possible) from your wedding invitation. This can give your invitations a more uniform feel. You can be restricted to the margins of the printer, meaning the lettering cannot run to the edge of the envelope, and the font sizes are usually determined by the longest name on the guest list. This option is less expensive, but the setup can be timely. Here at Paper Works and Events, we carefully preview every envelope in the chosen fonts to ensure the names and addresses not only fit on the envelope, but are visually pleasing and follow formal invitation etiquette. Each envelope is hand fed through the printer one at a time, but is still a much faster turnaround than hand calligraphy. There are so many different hand calligraphy looking fonts out there, you can still achieve a hand written look without the cost and the time. Aside from not being able to use dark envelopes with digital calligraphy, envelopes that are very thick cannot be put through printers, so those would require hand calligraphy as well.

Ultimately both can be beautiful, but budget, timing, and the type of envelope you have can determine which type of calligraphy you should use.

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Escort Cards vs. Place Cards : Which one is right for your Wedding Reception?!

Some people may use the terms “Escort Cards” and “Place Cards” interchangeably but they are indeed different. Both cards help sort and organize your guests and determine where they will be seated during your reception. It is not uncommon to use both kinds of cards together, one or the other, or even add a seating chart into the mix! So let’s define each to help see which one best fits your wedding day needs.

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Escort cards are usually cards placed alphabetically on a table (or creatively displayed) located at the entrance to the wedding reception. Each card has the guest name and the table they are assigned. Guests then find their table and choose a seat. All you are asking is for them to sit at that table, which seat and who they sit next to is up to them. Thus you are “escorting” them to their correct table.



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Place cards are located on the actual tables that guests sit at during the reception. Place cards indicate which seat each guest should sit. This requires very specific planning. Depending on the number of guests and the amount of tables, it can take a while for guests to find their seat without the help of an escort card or a seating chart. This is helpful in situations where Aunt Mary just cannot sit next to Uncle Bob, even though they are sitting at the same table. So place cards literally put guests in their designated “place”!



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A seating chart is a chart or a board that lists each table and which guest sits at each table. Seating charts are a new, different type of escort card, as they inform guests which table they are sitting at. They can be done either alphabetically, or by table number. They can also be used in conjunction with place cards.



Assigning seats and tables will help minimize the chances of your guests sitting with people they do not know / might not have the best time with. It’s about placing them where they will be most comfortable during the reception and to ensure no one is left out. So unless you are having a very small event, or having lounge seating, it is always best to guide your guests to where you would like them to sit!

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Our Color of The Year : 2014 : Blush

When Pantone announced that their 2014 Color of the Year is “Radiant Orchid” we were a little disappointed in their decision. That was our bride’s color last year! We did so many orchid, violet, lilac, plum, (other variations of purple) wedding invitations, save the dates and ceremony accessories. Our brides seem to be ahead of the trends, it’s always fun to do something first!


We are proud to announce our 2014 Color of the Year is (drum roll please) BLUSH!


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Almost every bride who has walked in the door this year is using blush, peach, coral or some other pale pink for her wedding invitations and we LOVE IT! It is such a great color to mix and match with other neutrals or even bright bold colors. We are excited to see how long blush will remain on top and what other colors will pop up this year.

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